Giorgio Gavioli

“Dual speed bank. Digital strategy execution drives a new era of banking”

Giorgio Gavioli – Head of IT Coordination Service for Intesa Sanpaolo International Subsidiaries at Intesa Sanpaolo.

A comprehensive career in ICT domain, from technical background to customer and business.
Working experiences in industry, banking and services, mainly in worldwide company. Remarkable experience in outsourcing.

Successful project management in wide and international projects (banking transformation in particular).
Goal orientation, resources optimization, service quality, customer orientation and innovation are my strong points and my passions.

Five exciting years (2012-17) as Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Board of Directors and DCEO of CIB Bank ZRT, the Hungarian bank of IntesaSanpaolo Group. Enabling and supporting the full digitalization of the bank (best mobile APP in 2016, best loan process in 2017) with a “dual speed bank” concept, upgraded the core banking system and designed an innovative frame for business intelligence.

Since January 2018 appointed IT Coordinator for all foreign banks of Intesa Sanpaolo: transformation and digitalization is not an option!